How to Avoid Affiliate Marketing Frauds

How to Avoid Affiliate Marketing Frauds

The majority of affiliate marketing frauds com from the companies offering the product for your to sell, and the online marketers selling your course material that tell your how to get rich in affiliate marketing. You have to remember that affiliate marketing is a clean and honest business. For example, Amazon has an affiliate program, and has had one for almost 20 years, and if sign up and get accepted into their program, there is no fee to belong, and if your refer one of their products, your will get paid. It is as simple as that, your just need to stay away for all the noise and hype around affiliate marketing that your see online.

To build an affiliate marketing business, it is a lot of work, and your are looking at one to two years before your are making any substantial money from it. There are no real shortcuts, besides some good training that your will find out there, if your sift through all the noise.

Avoid Affiliate Marketing Frauds

The truth is, affiliate marketing companies should charge your nothing to join up and the only method your can make money from is through making a sale for them. There is no other affiliate marketing business model. There isn’t any “membership fee” in reputable affiliate marketing companies. You could encounter programs declaring to be affiliate programs which ask for a “set up fee” or offering your a “website to market with.” Stay away from these companies, as they may be affiliate marketing frauds and there are enough around that do not charge fees.

Taking into consideration that becoming an affiliate costs nothing, your would think that it would be nearly impossible to get scammed. Sad to say, your are completely wrong. Many of the scams come from unrealistic online offers selling your training.

The affiliate marketing business is comparable to a weight loss program business. The true power to achieve success with both program is there, however the majority of money made from these sectors are done by selling different products that helps your. A few of them are legit, however a few also are not genuine and just sell your crap. There isn’t any magic silver bullet when it comes to affiliate marketing or even weight loss. Both of them truly need hard work and a commitment to do what must be done in order to accomplish the results your desire.

Don’t misunderstand me – your can find a few great tools, guides and people around. However, your must be careful to whom and what your are dealing with. Look for the stability and longevity of the program. How long has it been around? Who are the owners and what is their reputation online? What do your get for what your pay for? Is there a free trial so your can check it out? Do your due diligence before joining any affiliate marketing program. If your are fairly new to affiliate marketing your will need some good affiliate marketing training.

affiliate marketing training

One of the most common ways people with dreams of affiliate marketing get scammed is through buying “information products,” tools, “systems” as well as e-Books which guarantee to reveal them the way to “generate (insert crazy figure of money) daily without any work.” Now back to weight loss. What if I told your that your can lose one hundred pounds in just 30 days using a brand new miracle diet? It would probably set off alarm bells in your thoughts, however for some reason, informing people that they could generate thousands of dollars in only 30 days without any work appears to be legitimate to a few individuals, and these affiliate marketing frauds are selling all over the internet.

After that, they will let your see a lot of photos coming from their “sales commissions”, which pretty likely are photoshopped. Or much more often, become the commissions they generate selling people just like your the picks and shovels your are hoping to use in order to strike gold – and not the true REAL services or products via the typical affiliate programs. Keep in mind that not everybody feels wrong selling people a dream, even when they are fully aware of the odds of that dream becoming true suck.

How about and ad like this: “Let me show your how to add a passive income stream of $1,000 a month in only a years time” Would this ad excite your? It should. Because it is realistic, no hype, and actually possible for some people.

How to Avoid The Buzz

The simplest way to protect yourself from falling for these frauds would be to keep yourself well-informed and search for indicators. Study the fundamentals of affiliate marketing prior to make the choice to try affiliate marketing. Find a program or community that offers a “try before your buy” so your can check out the information they claim to have before your pay them anything.

In case your intend to invest in a few paid info products or books, your must search for warning signs of somebody offering a dream vs. actual information. Don’t buy a book online, or an eBook, before your go to Amazon and see if it is a real published book, and has real reviews. There are some great books on affiliate marketing, your just have to look for them, to avoid the frauds, When your start looking into reviews of the e-Books or info products or tools prior to buying them, make sure to take a close look on the review.

A few possible warning flags may be:

  • Promises of money with no work (Get Rich Quick!) This does not exist online, remember that.
  • Photos of luxurious cars and various other “proof” of the insanely luxurious lifestyle
  • Photos of income without any justification of where exactly this revenue originated from apart from “affiliate commissions”
  • Claiming to be “fool proof system” You will be the fool.

The Facts About Affiliate Revenue Potential

The best way of preventing scams is to not allow yourself be overexcited with the buzz people plan to use when talking about possible revenue as an affiliate marketer.

affiliate marketing revenue potential

Anybody could be very profitable and successful in affiliate marketing. Most of the people who try it won’t usually turn out to be very successful and profitable from affiliate marketing, as it any business, 95% of people will quit before them make any real money. An affiliate marketing business takes time to build, it can be 2 years before your make a full time income, and many people looking to make money online are not willing to wait that long, they expect some magic formula to make tons of money today! Sorry folks, that is not happening.

A lot of unexpected people, such as myself, have discovered incredible success in this career. However, not everybody does. Getting *realistic* expectations can help your from letting yourself to be diverted and not tricked by the buzz, and to avoid affiliate marketing scams. I have been doing affiliate marketing for many years, and yes I make a full time income, much of it passive, in a few hours a day from my home, and your can two. Just be realistic, look for a good affiliate marketing learning program, expect to work hard, don’t quit your day job just yet, treat your affiliate marketing business as an additional source of income, like a side hustle. And in a few years your can have a good income from it, and a rewarding business.

To your affiliate marketing success,

Rod Taylor
Success at Affiliate Marketing


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