How to Learn Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

How to Learn Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

  • February 21, 2019
  • Posted By Rod Taylor
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In today’s world, affiliate marketing is something that every site owner must understand. Affiliate marketing brings together entrepreneurs who would like to advertise and publishers (also called influencers) who would like to market goods and services and get money from doing this. Publishers put personalized links to items they want to advertise on their website or social networking content. After that, they receive a percentage of the sales as a commission for their promotion.

The good news is, affiliate marketing is not really hard to learn, if you use the right system. You could start being an affiliate, begin putting links, and join the road to making money from affiliate commissions, everything in just a number of hours. The secret is to learn how to do all of it appropriately to optimize your profit.

How to Learn Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

How Can Affiliate Marketing Make You Profit?

Whenever you put an affiliate link in your website and somebody clicks on it and accomplishes a necessary action, often a purchase, you will earn money from that action. Your income can be a portion of the sale, a set amount for creating a lead, or a big reward for a membership sign-up.

A few programs, such as Google AdSense, are Pay-Per-Click (PPC), which means that it can pay you cash for every ad or link click. Every affiliate program differs from the others, however the advertiser will inform you the amount you could generate from every lead, conversion, or sale once you sign up.

How Much Money You Can Make?

The truth about affiliate marketing is that each one makes money differently. Although a few are sufficiently lucky to generate thousands of dollars each month, some others find it difficult to make $1 each day. Technique is a crucial element of your results, however even the most effective strategy in the world is not always expected.

Always Remember, even when you can make $100 each day for a full week, month, or longer, you must not always expect to generate that much daily. The good that gives you cash now might be trending today, but their popularity could drop without warning. Though it’s not impossible to make a full-time income once you become a well-established affiliate marketer, it’s unrealistic to expect that same full-time income when you are just a newbie.

How to Become an Affiliate Marketer

To start with, you have to sign up to affiliate marketing systems. Here’s how it goes:

Sign up for Wealthy Affiliate HERE . Wealthy Affiliate is all the training you will nee, free to join, and the best start for how to learn affiliate marketing for beginners.

You’ve possibly heard about affiliate marketing along with Amazon Associates, by far the most well-known affiliate programs to sign up. Amazon Associates is a good example of the branded affiliate program. To put it simply, you could search for your favorite firms as well as brands and join their affiliate program to advertise goods and services they offer.

Usually, brand sites have a link on the footer of the site to access their affiliate program’s sign-up page. Most likely, you ’ll forwarded to an affiliate marketing network, in which you could register for that company’s program.

To give an example, have a look at Apple’s Affiliate Program page, which provides you the specifics of the program as well as the rewards to you . Once you register, you ’ll be forwarded to the program through the Performance Horizon Group, an affiliate marketing firm which manages Apple’s affiliate account.

Sign up for an Affiliate Marketing Network

The affiliate marketing network, such as ClickBank and Share-A-Sale, Amazon Associates, act as a middle men in between publishers and advertisers. Advertisers join the program to look for publishers who are able to advertise their products and services. Publishers register to join programs and acquire links to advertise.

Being a publisher, you could go for a number of programs and you usually see your preferred brands in a single place. Such networks will often have useful tools where you can monitor your clicks, commissions, and much more.

Get in Touch with Your Preferred Brands Directly

In case you can’t discover more details regarding the affiliate program for your preferred brands, you could get in touch with them directly. You may get to create a contract along with the brand which sets out your commissions for advertising their services and products.

It’s to your advantage, though, to advise that the brand creates a program via a network allowing you to have easy access to tracking functions and could assess your affiliate marketing overall performance.

Learn Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Affiliate Marketing for Newbies: Determine What Products to Advertise

In case you want to advertise your preferred brands, that’s wonderful. Then again, you need to make certain their products are the things your audience will likewise like. Keep in mind that affiliate marketing is all about what your target audience really likes and will find useful to them.

Signing up for an affiliate network can prove useful for discovering the best services and products as it will give you programs to narrow down your choices. As an instance, if you wish to advertise office supplies in your site, you could narrow programs by firms which offer office supplies and other related products.

Where Does Keyword Research Come Into Play?

Keyword research is among the most essential methods if you want affiliate marketing done properly. For what reason? Correct keyword research utilizing a tool such as Long Tail Pro won’t just pull people into your content, which makes it more prone to make commissions from the links, but it could also be useful for finding the best products and services to advertise.

The moment you discover a product you ’re fascinated with, use a keyword research tool to get keywords that can be used inside your content to find out if that product or service could bring in an audience from search engines. If you wish to advertise a weight loss shake, for instance, you could research the words, ‘weight loss shake’, to get the perfect keywords.

Particularly, you ’ll like to find keywords which have low to medium levels of competition, higher monthly amount of searches, and also a higher profitability score. In case the keywords relevant to the item you intend to advertise don’t satisfy all these criteria, you should reevaluate targeting that product.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Inserting and Tracking Affiliate Links

Perhaps you ‘ve discovered the products you prefer to promote. Wonderful! So, it’s time for you to insert your links. The good thing is many affiliate networks make this relatively easy for everyone, even for newbies, by giving copy-paste codes that you can insert in your content.

Other network or program may give a unique URL where you can link to. In cases like this, insert your unique link much the same way you will do in all other link in your website.

The moment your links are inserted, you may wish to monitor their performance. The majority of affiliate networks and programs have got tools which help you do that via your dashboard. Alternatively, if you are using WordPress, you could select from a number of affiliate link plugins which offer comprehensive insights of clicks, top-performing pages, and many more.

Beware of clicking your own links, because this could lead to your removal from the program or system.


In case you ’re knowledgeable about building websites and a little bit of SEO, then this affiliate marketing guide must place you on the right track. Then again, if you need a more extensive guide to affiliate marketing, then join Wealthy Affiliate now, the best place to learn affiliate marketing for beginners

Keep in mind that the secret to affiliate marketing success is finding the right products and services to advertise within your specialized niche. It can be done by spending time in researching the best keywords for every offering you intend to advertise to be able to produce specific content which attracts the right prospects.

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    March 7, 2019 @ 1:57 pm

    Good in depth article about what it would mean to be an affiliate. I like that you tell people that you can’t expect the same income every month, which is think many forgets. It’s also good you write in a way that’s easy to read and understand. It makes it a lot easier. Thank you for the insightful article, and advice!

    All the best

      Rod Taylor

      March 7, 2019 @ 2:10 pm

      Hi there, thanks for the comment.  I think it is very important that beginners at affiliate marketing understand, they should quite their day jobs, the first month they make money, as the money is not always consistent, although it can become more consistent in a couple years.


    March 8, 2019 @ 5:28 pm

    I must say this is a wonderful piece . Well knitted together and understandable . It has really open my eyes to the basics of affiliate marketing. I have once heard it and now confirmed by the virtue of your article that the best place to learn affiliate marketing for beginners is wealthy affiliate. And that because it is tested , trusted and reliable.

      Rod Taylor

      March 9, 2019 @ 12:57 pm

      Hey Michael, that is correct if you if you are looking for how to learn affiliate marketing, wealth affiliate is a great place to start.

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